Welcome to a unique touring experience in our vintage style motorcycle sidecars. Now you can have your own fresh air tour with a twist

Young or young at heart...5 or 95 years of age have travelled in our sidecar rigs, also called hacks, buckets or chairs!

Partake in a scenic oceanside drive? Visit pubs or microbreweries? Why not experience the sights with your designated driver while you ride in the chair? From hidden and not so hidden great food trucks and specialty coffee shops, we'll get you there in style.

Trundle along with us over Vancouver and Victoria's scenic roadways and hidden places. Try the relaxed back roads with us to the incredible Butchart Gardens, or check out Vancouver's City Tour featuring Stanley Park and English Bay for a truly interactive, enjoyable sightseeing journey.

We at Sidecar Vic/Van are proud to offer you several sightseeing excursions to remember.

For something completely different and invigorating give us a call.

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Old World Luxury

These tours are soft adventures to remember, they are are different, fun and absolutely unique. Any of our tours will go to places that no packaged sightseeing bus tour can go. Come riding with us through scenic Stanley Park and directly into the coastal nooks and crannies of our west coast. Ride into the oldest Chinatown in Canada and even visit a castle or cruise up an extinct volcano.

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Travel in Style

Our sidecar units offer a full sensory experience that no passenger car or crowded "people mover" can match. Seeing Victoria or Vancouver sideways creates some fantastic memories to share and will keep you going back to review your stellar pictures to prove it.

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A Beautiful Setting

Sidecar Victoria/Vancouver is proud to offer various tour packages that take in the visual smorgasborg of coastal BC and will induce many smiles for miles. All these sights are within walking distance of the beautiful Pacific Ocean and beaches.

You are seeing Victoria and Vancouver sideways!

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I cannot believe how much fun we had touring in the sidecar. This was beyond the beautiful sights of Victoria and Jay’s great commentary...this was also a one off experience to remember. Great photos that are keepers!
— Jamie Tennant